Partner - YS Cypriot Catalysts

The company focuses on the development of novel catalysts for passenger cars and the marine industry (CATMAR – SEED/0719/0185), while has already completed a national funded project (REGFILT – CONCEPT/0618/0065) for the regeneration and recycling of diesel particulate filters with the use of DES solutions. The company has expertise in the use of DES solutions and aims to use the knowledge gained from the REGFILT project for the implementation of SULFAWAY project.


YS CYPRIOT CATALYST is actively engaged in the development of a novel catalytic system for the reduction of SOx from the exhaust of ships to comply with the international legislation. At the same time, the HO has successfully implemented and launched to the market an innovative procedure for the regeneration of DPFs using eco-friendly and biodegradable DES based solvents that remove organic deposits from the filters, without damaging the filter. The experience gained by these research and innovation projects will be combined within the SULFAWAY project to be successfully implemented as it considered to be of high importance for the company’s portfolio.